Kingfisher in September on the Stour

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Saturday 24th September

A stroll along the River Stour this afternoon proved fruitful for a chance photo of one of my favourite birds, the kingfisher. The magnificent colouring, speed and ability as one of the best fisherman I have ever seen make this species truly remarkable. They normally fly so fast along the river, that just to glimpse that turquoise-blue flash is amazing, but today this particular kingfisher flew in towards the bank just a few yards ahead of me, and very obligingly perched on a dead branch where he proceeded to bob his head up and down as he sought out his prey in the water below. I waited patiently, camera poised – hoping! It didn’t take long before he dived and came up with a small fish, which he proceeded to knock against the branch and then swallow headfirst. Proof, yet again, that this river is sustaining a wonderful variety of wildlife.